Don't let regulation slow down innovation

The easy integration and simplicity of configuration enables companies and innovators to focus on their product and shorten development effort to go to market. The SDK enables easy configuration of all elements required for data security, privacy, geofencing, and compliance.

Compliance Monitoring

Based on configuration and operation needs the system will track and record access requests, storage usage, data operations, and shared data permissions. Providing advanced inter-organization monitoring with real time security alerts, breach monitoring, data integrity statuses, and full audit trail.


Infrastructure designed to remove the complexities of DevSecOps and reduce hosting costs, while satisfying highly regulated data storage with scalability and backup, information security, breach monitoring, and disaster recovery.

Data residency

Splinternet and geo-compliance are available with our hybrid cloud storage. Stored data can be easily configured between different locations based on user geo-location, nationality, or operational preferences.


Build trust with end-users as we give you the tools to share with them a view of their personal data collected and used by the system or other users.