Compliance Infrastructure

Developer first SDK approach

Out-of-the-box compliance infrastructure provides emerging companies and innovators to focus on their core business and shorten their time to market.

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Collaboration app for healthcare professionals

Instant messaging and Secure Data Sharing for Healthcare Professionals based on Nole-Secâ„¢ architecture for privacy, cybersecurity, and HIPAA compliance.

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Enable innovation in highly regulated markets

Data Privacy

Our data storage model is built for data privacy by design. Advanced architecture uniquely designed to support data privacy, data ownership, collaboration, and secure communication.


Innovation in highly regulated markets is made easy with our customer facing SDK designed for emerging products that require compliance with Privacy, PCI, HIPAA or Geofencing.

Data Ownership

Companies and their end-users have full control over their data and enriched with tools to control it before and after data was shared. Data owners can predefine access timespan for shared data, see who accessed their data, and revoke access to it at any given time. Without explicit permission no one else can access your data!


Our architecture is designed with pioneer privacy-cybersecurity measures. Any data is encrypted and protected both at rest and in transit. The platform is kept at the utmost levels of security and provides real-time Access Controls, Remote Safeguards, Permission Management, and Audit Trail.