Compliance with Highly Regulated Markets

Advanced architecture uniquely designed for highly regulated environments, providing secure communication, data storage, privacy and personal permission management.

Privacy & Data Ownership

Data owners have full control of their storage, they can predefine access period for shared data, know who accessed their data, and revoke access to it.
Without explicit permission no one else can access your data – Not even us!

Data Security

Our platform is designed with pioneered cyber security measures. Not only our servers are kept at the utmost levels of security, all data is encrypted and protected both in storage and in transit.

Full Audit Trail

Based on operation needs the system may track and record access requests, storage usage, data operations, and shared data permissions. Providing inter-organization monitoring reports, or complete audit trail for regulated environments.

Cloud Agnostic Virtual Storage

Our system works transparently with multiple clouds and local storage platforms simultaneously, providing you with true independence, and controlled storage costs.

Cross Organization Communication

Eliminate existing communication barriers, we facilitate safe data exchange and collaboration within and outside organization affiliation.

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